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Your first step in any resolution as required by law in any dispute prior to Family Court.

We are specialists in dealing with all types of conflict.

Our legally trained specialists will mediate and complete your property and financial settlements, ensuring all your assets are accounted for.

Yours and your family's welfare is our top priority.

We are unique in the way we deal with high conflict disputes. We exercise techniques and arrangements to maximise your safety and care.

We strive to reach agreement with you and your partner in a fair and equitable manner.

Our legally qualified mediators develop detailed parenting plans to for both parties that are both critical for your resolution and legally binding.

why choose us?

At Perth Mediation Services we have helped hundreds of separating couples reach financial and parenting agreements without the costly expense of going to court.

Clients experience a lot of stress in their relationship breakdown and may even feel doubtful that mediation can help them through this challenging time. We understand this and are here to help you.

We provide a professional, fair and non-judgemental mediation process along with the skills and expert knowledge required to relieve the burden of stress and find the optimum solution for both parties.

Perth Mediation Services is affiliated with 3 professional family law bodies in Perth:

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"John and Anna struggled to communicate with each other after their split 4 months ago. David was able to resolve their financial issues and negotiate a formal parenting plan for their 11 year old daughter Cassy."

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While every case is different, our unique process
remains the same. Once initial contact has been made, we will contact both parties and discuss the best option for mediation.

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"I found David friendly, very processional and approachable. From the initial consultation to final written document took less than 3 months and I am very happy with the financial documentation."

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