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Perth Mediation Services offer four types of mediation services to assist you at a time of crisis with reaching a fair and equitable outcome for the parties involved. We will work hard for you and your family to achieve an agreement with both parties during the mediation process to avoid the additional time and expense of having the matter heard in the Family Court.

Perth Mediation Services offer the following mediation services:

Your first step in any resolution as required by law in any dispute prior to Family Court.

We are specialists in dealing with all types of conflict.

child mediation services
mediation for separation

Yours and your family's welfare is our top priority.

We are unique in the way we deal with high conflict disputes. We exercise techniques and arrangements to maximise your safety and care.

We strive to reach agreement with you and your partner in a fair and equitable manner.

Our legally qualified mediators develop detailed parenting plans to for both parties that are both critical for your resolution and legally binding.

separation mediation process
marriage mediators separation

Our legally trained specialists will mediate and complete your property and financial settlements, ensuring all your assets are accounted for.

If you are looking for a positive outcome through mediation, call Perth Mediation Services on 9300 0674 or complete the enquiry form and a mediator will call within 24 hours to answer your queries.