parenting plans

Your children come first.

Let us help you focus on reaching a Parenting Plan that results in a positive, sustainable outcome in your children's best interest. 

Perth Mediation Services specialises in helping parents find fair and mutually agreeable arrangements for custody and parenting of their children.

Even in cases where ex-partners have not been able to come close to resolving their differences and were resigned to go to the Family Court, our mediators have been successful in achieving a positive outcome for both parties. Fast resolutions help reduce stress on not only the parents but most importantly the children.

Ongoing 'Parental Conflict' is harmful to children

Fully trained, experienced and Nationally Accredited, our Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners can successfully facilitate a mutually agreeable resolution to most parenting; property or financial disputes. Our aim is to keep both parties out of court and thus save them time, money and reduce the overall stress of the separation. This is extremely important as  children can adjust fast and cope quite well with separation when its managed satisfactorily by the parents. Minimal parental conflict is essential to prevent damage to children’s development and emotional stability.

The types of parent behaviours that have been identified as being highly detrimental to children are:

  • asking children to carry hostile messages to the other parent
  • asking children intrusive questions about the other parent
  • creating a need in the children to hide information
  • creating a need for the children to hide positive feelings for the other parent, and
  • demeaning or putting down the other parent in the presence of the children.

Negative outcomes on children from 'parental conflict' may manifest itself in any number of negative ways including behavioural problems; problems at school; trust issues; lack of self esteem; difficulties making and keeping friends; and in the long term may prevent children from forming and maintaining healthy adult relationships.

Early intervention and the implementation of a parenting plan that promotes the safety and healthy adjustment of the children can help drastically reduce parental conflict and its damaging effects on children.

Child Support

Child support is worked out on a percentage of care using a basic formula. The more hours of care one party take on; the more child support they are eligible to receive.

Legally Binding

If you and your ex-partner reach agreement this can be documented into a "Parenting Plan". This agreement can then be made into a legally binding "Consent Order" when filed with the Family Court.

Below is the process for parenting and child custody plan mediation.

1 Contact

  • One partner contacts us with regards to setting up an appointment.
family law court mediation
mediation for child access

2 Consultation

  • At the pre-mediation meeting the mediator will discuss your specific situation with you and assess whether mediation will be suitable. If appropriate your mediator will contact the other party and invite them to a similar pre-mediation meeting.
  • If mediation is suitable, both parties are contacted to arrange a mutually agreeable time.
  • If mediation is not appropriate, a Section 60i certificate can be issued.

3 Mediation

  • The mediation meeting will be held in the Perth Mediation Services office, for 3 hours. The focus of the meeting will be on either parenting or property settlement
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family mediation helpline

4 Agreement

  • If an agreement is reached during the mediation, your mediator will prepare and send your agreement to you for review and signing.
  • After any amendments the agreement is signed by both parties.
  • The agreement can be made legally binding by filing a Form 11 (or Consent Order) with the Family Court.

If you are looking for a positive outcome through mediation, call Perth Mediation Services on 9300 0674 or complete the enquiry form and a mediator will call within 24 hours to answer your queries.