Mediation can save you money and time when you are able to resolve your differences without going to court. We aim to make mediation as affordable as possible, easing the strain on your finances which are often tight during a separation.

Mediation Meeting Price

We have an all inclusive package which consists of a half day mediation meeting and the drafting of a mutual agreement.

Our prices include all correspondence, telephone calls and amendments to the initial agreement* following the mediation. There are NO extra or hidden costs.

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EFTPOS Available

Perth Mediation Services has EFTPOS payment options available for your convenience.

Perth Mediation Services acknowledges Healthcare cardholders and offers a concessional rate.

Government Mediation

Government assisted mediation may not be beneficial for everyone. Wait times can be quite lengthy and moderate income earners may not benefit financially where services are means tested. Long wait times can add to overall costs if your ex-partner is left free to accumulate further debt. In addition, speedy access to a Parenting Plan is essential to help protect your children from the negative effects and undue stress of any ongoing parental conflict. The longer conflict goes on, the more damaging it can be to the children.

*More than two rounds of amends may be charged at an additional cost.


If you’d like David to help with your unique circumstances, give Perth Mediation Services a call on 9300 0674 or complete the enquiry form and David will call you back within 24 hours.