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Case: High Conflict Mediation

Melissa hadn’t seen her ex-partner for over 8 years, after she left with her infant daughter to avoid ongoing domestic abuse. She had no plans of ever seeing him again and he had made no attempt to have a relationship with his daughter Becky, now 14. That was until Melissa and Becky went to make their first overseas trip and were detained at the airport because her ex-partner had put a “no fly order” on Becky’s passport. (i.e. placed on the Family Law Watch List). After attending court, the judge ordered mediation and so Melissa sought out the senior mediator at Perth Mediation Service.

Being a “high conflict situation” Melissa was asked to arrive 1/2hr early and taken to a mediation room. Her ex-partner arrived later and was escorted to  a separate room. The mediator then relayed comments between them. After a few hours of negotiation, the situation was settled and the ex-partner agreed to lift the “no fly order”. Melissa and her ex-partner left the building at separate times and Melissa was escorted to her car by the mediator. The final outcome saw Melissa and Becky get their first international holiday without further restrictions on future ones.

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