case study

Thousands saved in legal fees.

Case: Property Settlement

61-year-old Janice had been joint signing loan documents over the last 30years with her husband for investment properties that he solely managed.  As she had no direct further involvement in management she felt that she wasn’t eligible make a claim on them and consequently believed that she was entitled to a lower percent of the assets at settlement. During pre-mediation with the senior mediator at PMS, it was explained to Janice that she was in fact entitled to a part of the investments worth, as her homemaker and parental contributions were significant over the course of the marriage. In mediation, all assets and liabilities of a relationship must be disclosed.

Through ongoing negotiations with her ex-husband during mediation a mutually agreeable outcome from both parties was obtained with a potential savings of tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees. Both parties were happy and able to get on with their lives.

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