our promises

Providing you with a private forum in which you can gain mutual understanding, become understood and work collaboratively to explore options for resolution.

Perth Mediation Services has a clear set of promises that it makes to every client who walks through our doors.

No waiting lists

Perth Mediation Services will answer your phone enquires immediately, or phone you back on the day of your contact to provide you with critical information going forward.  The initial intake meeting can usually be arranged as soon as mutually agreeable, and within days of first contact. Weekend and after-hours appointments are available at no extra cost.


Your information is kept confidential at all times, without fail.

Where there is a serious threat to someone's life, or child abuse exists the authorities may be involved. All Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners are mandatory reporters and are therefore required by law to report child abuse or anything that indicates a child is at risk of abuse.

Equal Treatment

Both parties are treated equally regardless of this initial contact as your family's welfare is paramount. The agreement is set fairly for all parties involved.

For more information about Perth Mediation Services, see our Mission, Vision and Values.

Why Choose Perth Mediation Services?

We Specialise in Your Situation.

Perth Mediation Services are specialists in family law mediation including parenting plans, financial settlement and property agreements.

Unique Legal Background.

Our mediators have legal background and training, and therefore have a sound understanding of the law as it pertains to the Family Court, property rights and parenting issues.

We Can Write Your Agreements.

Any formal property agreement, financial settlement or parenting plans that may be agreed upon can be prepared and written by us.

60I Certificates.

In the instance that an agreement can not be made with regards to a child’s parenting arrangements, our mediators are registered with the Attorney Generals Department and able to issue section 60I certificates under the Family Law Act.

Keeping your costs as low as possible.

We are understanding of the financial strain to both parties upon separation and always attempt to keep costs as low as possible.

Non-judgmental and Understanding.

Our expertise and experience ensures a neutral, non-judgmental approach. Our role as a mediator is to help separating couples find sensible solutions in a dignified and effective manner.

Tailored to You.

We are trained to provide unique options for resolution of your specific circumstances.

Children Come First.

Our mediators understand the love of a parent and will always act in your ‘child’s best interest’.


We maintain ongoing professional education to ensure the highest standard of professional service.

We Work Collaboratively with Other Professionals.

At Perth Mediation Services we collaborate and work cooperatively with other professionals such as the legal profession, government agencies, counsellors and child psychologists.

If you’d like David to help with your unique circumstances, give Perth Mediation Services a call on 9300 0674 or complete the enquiry form and David will call you back within 24 hours.